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It’s the orphan. the widow. the slave. the poor. the abused. the homeless. the loveless. the refugee. the forgotten. the least of these.

MISSIONS is about loving God and loving people.  Loving God and Loving People.  As a church, we not only want to reach out locally to the people around us—our families, colleagues, neighbors; but our heart is to see local people coming together to meet needs cross-culturally, internationally, and eternally.  We want to take what we know, what we have, and give life, restore hope, generate answers in the world around us.  God said go, go into all the world, be My hands and feet, feed the hungry, heal the sick, love the unloveable, be a voice for the voiceless, contest for justice. And so we go...


“Go into the world. Go everywhere...” - Mark 16:16 MSG





Everyone in the church body plays a significant role in missions.  There are 3 different ways you can be involved, each as important as the other.


PRAY: for the nations. Educate yourself and those around you about what’s happening in the world (watch the news, read the paper, search the web) and pray for those needs.  Pray for the hungry, the poor, the captive, the widow, the young person, the forgotten, and the refugee.  Pray and don’t stop praying. 


GIVE: donate to missionaries, trips, projects, disaster relief, and the GlobalMissions Fund to support what Foursquare is doing around the world.  You can donate online, to Foursquare missionaries around the world, at or more specifically here at Sterling Foursquare for our missionaries and the teams from our church we send out each year.


GO: there are opportunities to go on short term mission trips, resources to connect you with teams, trips, locations, and the support and training to ready you for possibly the greatest journey of your life.


Our primary missions effort as a church is to the Akha people group in the northernmost hills of Thailand.  There we partner with our long term Foursquare missionaries to the Akha, Paul and Lori Vernon, as well as The Akha Outreach Foundation located in Chiang Rai, Thailand. We also launched our newest long term missionary, Aaron Glassburn in fall of 2017.

For more info about the Akha Outreach Foundation, visit them at:


As a church we have currently taken seven trips to Thailand since 2012 and return with a team at least once a year.


For more info about Paul and Lori, visit them at:

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 6 (1).jpg


Aaron & Alina desire to see a release of God’s reality in the heart of every person they meet. Leadership development and teaching have been their focus to raise evangelists in various parts of Asia. Using creative media and accurate Biblical teaching, they believes that people will want to choose Jesus over the offers of the world.


Prayer Requests

  • Release of supernatural anointing on their lives for miracles

  • Grace and wisdom to serve diverse people groups

Giving Requests

God has put ambitious financial requests on his heart to empower organizations with quality equipment to effectively release gospel content catered to the regional needs. Heaven has no ceiling, and the streets are made of gold. Please pray and give as the Lord directs you. Click on the link below to give.

If you'd like to help Aaron with this specific giving request, you may do so here. 

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