• Temperature checks will be taken with a non-contact digital read thermometer.

  • Parents are encouraged to do a bathroom stop prior to check-in.

  • Hand sanitizer will be used at check-in prior to entry.

  • Classrooms have been arranged to allow for social distancing precautions. 

  • For more info please contact 

  • For our general gathering guidelines, please see below.

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  • If you have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days such as high fever, dry cough, loss of smell and taste, sore throat, muscle pain, or chills, please remain home and watch the service online. In addition, please submit a prayer request so we can contend for your healing.

  • If you have high-risk factors, please consider remaining at home and watching the service online.

  • If you have been recently and knowingly exposed to COVID-19, please consider remaining at home and watching the service online.

  • A note on masks: Wearing masks is not required although it is encouraged by the CDC. If you would like to wear a mask, feel free to do so. We will leave this decision up to your own conscience and judgment and will honor whatever decision you make.



  • Please maintain social distance (6 ft of space) on your way into the church building.

  • We ask that everyone enter through the front doors of the church building. We will have a church leader there to greet you and to hold the door open to ensure a “touchless entry.”

  • We have set the auditorium up with wider rows (6 ft distance). When picking your seat, please allow a few empty chairs between your family/household and others when seated in the same row.



  • Please practice social distancing with those not in your immediate family/household.

  • If you DO want to hug someone (we know how you huggers are!), please ask them first to make sure they are comfortable with it.

  • We will not be handing out bulletins in order to ensure a paperless service. Details about events, updates, etc. can be found at, through our e-news, and on Facebook.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, nose, and face. 

  • If you must cough, please cough into your elbow or sleeve. If you continue coughing or sneezing, please immediately leave the service and consider not reentering the auditorium.

  • Avoid touching surfaces. Please note, all surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned/sanitized before, during, and after each service.

  • Please show grace for all the various members of our church family. If someone is wearing a mask, show grace. If someone is not wearing a mask, show grace. Get it? Show grace. :)



  • When the service is over, we will have two designated exits. One exit will be the front left door inside the auditorium which exits into the front church parking lot. The other exit will be out the back auditorium doors into the lobby and then left out the back doors into the alleyway. From there you can walk around the building to your vehicle.  Ushers will be present to help provide direction following the service.

  • Consider parking along the street near the back exit door to help lessen the distance you need to walk to retrieve your vehicle and to make room in our parking lot for others arriving.

  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms within a couple of days after our church service, please contact the church office at 970-522-1154.

Thank you for your cooperation and grace in helping us gather as a church family as safely as possible!